Stan & Ollie

Stan & Ollie

Laurel & Hardy, one of the world's great comedy teams, set out on a variety hall tour of Britain in 1953. Diminished by age and with their golden era as the kings of Hollywood comedy now behind them, they face an uncertain future. As the charm and beauty of their performances shines through, they re-connect with their adoring fans. The tour becomes a hit, but Stan & Ollie can't quite shake the specter of Laurel and Hardy's past; the long-buried ghosts, coupled with Oliver's failing health, start to threaten their precious partnership.

A portrait of the most tender and poignant of creative marriages, they are aware that they may be approaching their swan song, trying to rediscover just how much they mean to each other. [Sony Pictures Classics]

Running Time
98 minutes
Release to DVD: T.B.A.

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Chicago Tribune/Michael Phillips
It's a modest film, but a very good one, and by the end I was quite moved by its valiant belief in decency and in the duo's eternal appeal.

Christian Science Monitor/Peter Rainer
A rueful and respectful tribute that stands on its own because of the extraordinary performances of Steve Coogan as Stan and John C. Reilly as Ollie.

Toronto Star/Peter Howell
Coogan and Reilly perform the alchemist's feat of turning lead into gold, finessing all the trademark details - Laurel's puzzled head-scratching, Hardy's flirtatious tie-flipping, the duo's adorable dance moves - with skill and affection.

Washington Post/Ann Hornaday
"Stan & Ollie..." has allowed viewers to understand what made their characters so great, and so beloved, in a film that magnanimously invites us into a world no less recognizable for being almost entirely erased.

San Francisco Examiner/Mick LaSalle
It's valedictory, with a sense of the ephemeral nature of life, the inevitability of regret, and the bittersweetness of looking back on past happiness.

New York Observer/Rex Reed
It is aided immeasurably by the triumphant performances of the two stars, Steve Coogan as Stan and John C. Reilly as Ollie, who manage to avoid caricature while giving 150 percent of themselves from first to final reel.


BAFTA Awards Nominations: Best British Film, Leading Actor (Steve Coogan) and Make Up

British Independent Film Awards Nominations: Best Actor (Steve Coogan), Best Supporting Actress (Nina Arianda), Best Casting, Costume Design, Make Up and Production

Nominated for 22 Awards

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