Wild Rose

Wild Rose

WILD ROSE tells the complicated story of Rose-Lynn, a woman on a quest to become a country music star, while also grappling with the responsibilities of being recently released from prison and a young mother of two children.

A star-making performance by Jessie Buckley (Beast) wonderfully supported by Julie Walters (Billy Elliot, Educating Rita, Mary Poppins Returns) and Sophie Okonedo (Dirty Pretty Things, Hotel Rwanda). Wild Rose was directed by Tom Harper (BBCs War and Peace) and written by Nicole Taylor.

The film features a great soundtrack with a beautiful song co-written by Mary Steenburgen which deserves consideration for an Oscar nomination next year. Wild Rose is a wonderful film to bring a friend and introduce her/him to AFF.

Running Time
111 minutes
Release to DVD: T.B.A.

The Critics Comment

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Ella Kemp/ Sight and Sound
Finding balance between what you've done and what you feel destined to do resonates beyond country music. When the film sings, it soars - Jessie Buckley was born to be a star.

Owen Gleibermann/Variety
ďWild Rose,Ē the closest thing to a sleeper Iíve seen at Toronto this year, is a happy-sad drama of starstruck fever that lifts you up and sweeps you along, touching you down in a puddle of well-earned tears.

Leslie Felperin/ Hollywood Reporter
Thoughtful as these extra dimensions are, and enhancements to what is a refreshingly subtle work, most people won't absorb them consciously because they'll be too dazzled by Buckley making a blazing bid for big-time fame. She had already caught some attention with her mesmeric, nuanced performances in Beast last year, and on the recent BBC adaptation of War and Peace that Harper directed.

Jessie Riseborough/U.K. Mirror
Jessie Buckley gives a stand-out performance in Wild Rose, an identity story about choice, sacrifice, and knowing who you really are. The musical theatre actress, who has since made the move to the small screen, shines as Rose Lynn Harlan, a Glaswegian jailbird who is still grasping on to dreams of becoming a country singer (NOT a country and western singer, as she regularly tells those who get it wrong) and heading to Nashville to pursue her talents. But, there is one thing standing in her way: her children.

Scott J. Davis/the peopleís movies
Itís a tale as old as time and where some become slightly tedious and repetitive, Wild Rose looks and feels unique. With its country soundtrack pulsating away in the background to give it a feel good factor, itís a dream of a film that while tackling some tough narrative themes, still enlightens and invigoratesand with the magnificent Buckley in the forefront, itís sure to have audiences coming back again.

Donna Kelly/Frankly My Dear
Wild Rose has a big heart and there is something delightful and fresh here. If you werenít a country fan at the start of the film, you will certainly be by the end of it.


Dublin International Film Festival Winner: Best Actress (Jessie Buckley)

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